It was decided on Tuesday that a new Premier of Japan will be nominated and a new cabinet to be formed next Tuesday, according to statements released by the government today.

"The Abe cabinet is to resign together next Tuesday after a new premier is elected on Sunday. It is expected that nomination for the new premier will be done in the afternoon on the same day that the Abe cabinet resigns," Chief Cabinet Secretary Kaoru Yosano said during a press conference held on Tuesday.

Current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, on the other hand, is still in a hospital, receiving intravenously administered medicine. He hasn't recovered since he fell ill, with a stomachache and a stress-related ailment.

"He needs more rest. But his ability to make decisions is not in any way affected. We continue to be ready whenever he needs to be consulted on issues that require his final judgment," Yosano said.

Abe went to the hospital last Thursday and his doctor advised him to stay in a hospital for three days. He has already been there more than five days. Yosano didn't specify a date when Abe would recover, but he insisted that Abe can get back to the prime minister's office from the hospital within five minutes if an emergency arose.

Abe suddenly quit his job as prime minister last Wednesday. He later went to the Keio University hospital where he was diagnosed with functional gastrointestinal disorder related to stress and exhaustion.

There is a possibility that Ichiro Ozawa, the main opposition party leader, will be elected as Prime minister in upper house because the current majority in the upper house consists of opposition party members. But in such a case, the lower house election will take precedence according to the Japanese constitution.