It looks like “System Shock 3” is going to be announced next week if this new teaser website means anything. Developer Otherside Entertainment has been teasing this game for quite sometime now and it looks like fans will finally learn some details about the title next week. Most fans and gamers would also welcome any possible screenshots of the game.

Those thinking that this might be another new intellectual property (IP) from Otherside are wrong, as Polygon originally discovered a part of the teaser that confirms it is “System Shock 3.” Funnily enough, clicking on the part shows of the “System Shock 3” logo before turning back into the teaser site, with a new piece of text saying, “pathetic creature of meat and bone, you think you can hack me?”

As many PC gamers know “System Shock” is one of the most influential games of all time, along with its sequel, which improved upon a number of aspects from the original. One game that was clearly inspired by the “System Shock” games is “Bioshock,” which was worked on by some of the original “System Shock” developers.

Currently, the license of “System Shock” belongs to Night Dive Studios. While the developers in Otherside will be working on “System Shock 3,” the developers in Night Dive have something else to keep them occupied: a full-blown remake of the original “System Shock.”

Much like the remakes of “Final Fantasy VII” and “Resident Evil 2” the “System Shock” remake will be rebuilt from the ground up, with new graphics and a remastered soundtrack. To hype the game up Night Dive released an enhanced port of the original “System Shock” so players can try out the original game and see how it played, before eventually playing the remake.

System Shock 3 CONFIRMED! - Inside Gaming Daily (Credit: YouTube/Machinima)