The upcoming “Tekken 7” game seems to be packed with new characters. As per tradition, a new character from the Mishima bloodline has been announced: Kazumi Mishima, the wife of Heihachi. This new character was originally teased in the first “Tekken 7” trailer and has now been confirmed as a playable character in the game, joining the rest of the Mishima family.

The character looks quite youthful despite possibly being the mother or Kazuya and the grandmother of Jin. While the character could simply be a young wife for Heihachi, she has similar techniques to her husband and her possible son.

Kazumi also seems to share a hobby with her husband, as she also likes teaching animals how to fight. While Heihachi trained Kuma, he can’t summon him into battle, unlike his wife Kazumi who can summon a tiger to help her out, as humorously stated by Polygon.

IGN has confirmed that she will be the final boss in the game and will transform into a devil for the final battle. This is a technique that could only be done by Kazuya and Jin, after the former made a deal with the devil to kill his father, and the latter, being the son of Kazuya, inherited the curse of his father.

Kazumi possessing the devil transformation technique raises a lot of questions and can make for some interesting storytelling possibilities in the game, adding more Mishima family drama that has been prevalent in recent “Tekken” games. Whether she always possessed the gene or made a deal with the devil has yet to be answered and should lead to a very interesting final battle.

The wife of Heihachi is yet another new character to “Tekken 7,” joining Claudio, Katarina, Lucky Chloe, Shaheen, Josie Rizal and Gigas as the newest members of “Tekken 7.” The game is currently out in Japan as an arcade fighting game and will be featured at EVO 2015 in Las Vegas, July 17-19, though no plans for a Western version have been announced.

(Credit: YouTube/tekkenchannel)