Creative Assembly, developer of the "Total War" series, has released new "Total War: Rome 2" gameplay video.

In the video, Creative Assembly's Al Bickham controls a Macedonian army and attempts to take on the A.I., whose difficulty level is set to "Very Hard." In this video, the A.I. of "Total War: Rome 2" is playing as Rome.

In the video, Bickham attempts to defend his position with a mix of cavalry, melee and ranged units, employing a nearby forest to shroud some of his units from the enemy A.I. In classic "Total War" fashion, the battle is grandiose and epic in scope, as the sights and sounds of battle including battle horns, galloping horses and clashing steel all conspire to assault the senses, much to our delight.

The A.I. absolutely crushes Bickham, though he did describe himself as "a distinctly average player." It's clear that if you plan to play "Total War: Rome 2" on "Very Hard," you'll need to have a firm grasp on the game in order to have a chance to succeed in battle.

Watch the new "Total War: Rome 2" gameplay video below, courtesy of YouTube.

"Total War: Rome 2" is currently available for pre-order and will be released on September 3.

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