Back in July, 11-bit Studios successfully ported “This War of Mine” to both iOS and Android tablets, but not phones, which some mobile gamers disappointed. It looks like they won’t be disappointed for much longer, as “This War of Mine” recently got updated with universal iPhone support.

The iPhone version of the game has a completely redesigned interface, which was designed for the smaller screen of the phone, according to Touch Arcade. This is probably why the game wasn’t ported to phones right away, since the developers had to redesign the interface and make the game more phone friendly.

If there are any flaws about this, it’s that the iPhone screen is much smaller than an iPad one, which might make gaming a bit more difficult. At the same time however “This War of Mine” is mostly a point-and-click adventure game, so players merely have to tap the screen without too many complicated gameplay mechanics.

As most fans that have played it know “This War of Mine” isn’t like any other war game out there. Instead of playing as a soldier, players are put into the shoes of a civilian who is merely trying to survive the civil war in his homeland.

According to the official “This War of Mine” website, snipers stop the player from venturing out during the day, essentially making them prisoners. It's only at night when the player can go out and do what he or she can to live, while also taking care of the group.

To survive, players must scavenge for food and medicine, doing whatever it takes to live and help the character’s companions. However, they may have to do some terrible things that involve stealing and eventually, killing other people.

Both critics and fans have acclaimed “This War of Mine”, winning numerous awards for its dark and relentless gameplay. It has been praised for the way it portrays war and how it can make people do the worst things for the best reasons.

The game is available now for $14.99 on Steam, iOS and Android. Considering how it's one of the highest rated indie games out there, so fans may want to give this game a chance.

This War of Mine - Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)