At City Hall, May 16, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a report that outlines the plans for the city to form partnerships with social media companies.  

Through official partnerships with Twitter, Facebook, and NY-based startups Foursquare and Tumblr, New York City aims to be the top digital city in America. The city's first chief digital officer, Rachel Sterne, joined Mr. Bloomberg in presenting the Road Map for the Digital City, and how to expand its online presence.

A comprehensive 90-day review on the usage of web, social media and mobile tech in New York City and surveys on public and private sector organizations as well as individual users were conducted.

Bloomberg has appointed serial entrepreneur Art Chang as Chair of the city's Voter Assistance Advisory Committee. Chang is the founder and CEO of Tipping Point Partners.

According to Bloomberg's plan, New York City in the future will offer wireless Internet access in parks, and have vast reserves of data available to programmers and host live chats with 311 agents,  the New York Times reported.

Specifically the city will register the .nyc web domain name and deepen its relationship with social media companies. On Twitter, @nycgov account will be used for providing immediate updates on city news and services.

In order to afford the technology, we are going to try to encourage people to make it available, said Bloomberg.

With the city's increasingly tech-savvy residents, New York City's online presence is growing fast. attracts more than 24 million unique visitors each year, and nearly 17,000 people have downloaded the city's iPhone applications.

We want New York City to be the nation's premier digital city - in how local government interacts with New Yorkers, in how New Yorkers have access to and capitalize on new technologies, and in how our tech and digital media sectors evolve, grow businesses and create jobs, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, according to Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Bloomberg himself does not personally update his existing Facebook and Twitter pages. He said, I'm very old-fashioned. I use email.  

Currently, administration officials and vendors are exploring the licensing process of .nyc domain.