Following Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, District Columbia and Iowa, New York State has become the sixth U.S. State to allow full marriage rights to same sex couples by law.

While the law was highly anticipated on one side but was strongly opposed nationwide on the other, it was passed late Friday night and will come into effect after a 30 days period.

Media are predicting a gold rush for wedding-related vendors throughout the city.

The new law also comes just in time to fuel enthusiasm and excitement during the Gay Pride parade in New York City this weekend. The parade is one of the oldest gay pride parades and celebrated the success. Hundreds of thousands participants rejoiced this Sunday over their new found rights.

In the process of the bill's passage, governor Andrew Cuomo stands out as its most important supporter, making gay marriage one of his top issues during his campaign last year. Well funded gay donors are also reported to have fueled political attacks through polls and mailings, helping replace a number of key anti-gay-marriage democrats with pro-gay senators. In the end, Stephen Saland of Poughkeepsie and Marc Grisanto of Buffalo, both Republican, cast decisive votes for the 33-29 measure.

The gay rights donors surrounding the gay Colorado millionaire Tim Gill will reportedly continue their low profile campaign to discredit any opposition to extending equality for the LGBT community. None of the senators targeted by the group over the past year were attacked on gay marriage related issue.