In an effort to enhance security efforts on mass transit facilities and services during the holiday season, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order Tuesday, providing New Jersey and Connecticut  law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction on New York’s public transportation services and facilities. The move comes in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California.

“With the busy holiday season in full swing, we are taking every precaution necessary to mitigate potential terrorist threats and keep people safe. This order gives our partners in New Jersey and Connecticut greater ability to help patrol and protect our mass transit networks,” Cuomo said, according to a news release. “Together we will continue to remain vigilant, and I urge all travelers to stay alert and safe throughout the holidays.”  

Hundreds of thousands of commuters travel every day between New York, New Jersey and Connecticut by mass transit systems, including the interstate rail, bus and ferry systems. The executive order issued by Cuomo took effect Tuesday and will remain in effect for 30 days.



Cuomo has been ramping up security efforts following the Paris terrorist attacks, in which shooters targeted a concert venue, a soccer stadium, restaurants and bars, killing 130 people. Late last month, the New York governor announced the See Something Send Something campaign, introducing a new app that enables people to send photos or notes to the New York State Intelligence Center. After the Paris attacks, New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton and Mayor Bill de Blasio also boosted security efforts, and implemented an active shooter drill in a closed subway station.

“We have stepped up our preparedness in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, and we continue to remain vigilant against those who seek to spread fear and violence,” Cuomo previously said in a statement, ABC News reported.