Who ever said candy colors are just for girls? Nautica's Fall 2012 collection proves that men can, and should, flaunt the vibrant hues as well.

Atop the Empire Hotel, menswear aficionados gathered to catch a glimpse of Nautica's Fall 2012 line, designed by Chris Cox. It was a bit of mayhem as viewers first lined along the sidewalk outside the famed hotel them hurried inside to post-up around the handsome male models dressed in Nautica's rugged pieces.

This season, Cox added a new twist to the classic Nautica brand.

What stood out most were the candy colors that popped on jackets, sweatshirts and hats. Strawberry, blueberry and zingy lemon looked amazing on the hunky male models who wore them with matching hats and shirts. The new colors breathed pulsating life into what is typically viewed as a rigid menswear line.

Another intermix was assorted fabrics. Models wore flannel, corduroy, suede, nylon and cotton. The diversity balanced both dressy and outdoors pieces. The mix of fabrics took the collection from what could have been monotone to something far more exciting.

Classic Nautica flair was also on display. Thick sweaters, crisp khakis, chunky knit sweaters, sturdy nylon outerwear and blazers will be available for Fall 2012.

One of the most eye-catching pieces was the Nubuck Utility Vest.  The light brown vest includes multiple pockets, thick lining, large zippers and a high collar for supreme functionality. The vest can be worn over one of the chunky knits or a thin flannel.