The New York Giants and the New York Jets may share a home, but there's no brotherly love between the two teams. The G-men battle Fireman Ed and Co. on a Saturday night game that will have a huge impact on whether either team makes it into the playoffs.

The Giants (7-7) battle the Jets (8-6) at the Meadowlands at 1 p.m. on FOX for an afternoon Christmas Eve showdown. The Giants desperately need a win to take over the Dallas Cowboys (8-6) who currently sit atop the NFC East. The Jets are also second in their division to one of the most-winning teams in the NFL, the New England Patriots (11-3).

If the Jets stand any chance of making it to the playoffs, they'll need to sneak into a wildcard game by winning a large majority of their remaining games. Though the crosstown game is big for the Giants, the Dallas Cowboys have failed to clinch a playoff seed so far. That means that the game is a little less dire for the Giants.

Both teams face are battling injuries on their roster and will need second-line teammates to step up. The Jets offense is banged up. Jets players Plaxico Burress (WR), Santonio Holmes (WR), Mark Sanchez (QB), Shonn Greene (RB)  are all listed as probably for the game and are forced to shake off a variety of injuries.

The Giants face less injuries, but more serious ones. Giants' players Osi Umenyiora (DE) has been out for several weeks, which has weakened the defensive pressure the Giants have been able to put on their opponents. In addition to Umenyiora's absence, Mario Manningham (WR) is listed as doubtful with a knee injury. Two running backs on the team are injured, too. Ahmad Bradshaw, the power back is listed as probably with a foot injury. Danny Ware, the more agile back, is injured with knee issues and is listed as probable.

The showdown in the Meadowlands is sure to be full of fireworks. With these to New York teams on the ropes, they'll likely pull out all the stops to sneak into the playoffs. If either team makes it, whether they're actually able to compete is an entirely different story.