We've all eaten at some skeezy places, like the diner in the bad side of town with the sticky menus and the one-eyed waitress.

Although, a lot of those gritty holes in the walls are awesome. Hey, I can deal with a dirty plate and a fly or two, if the food is good.

But, sanitation is very important. You can't have customers vomiting a lung after their main course. That's why restaurants in New York City will begin posting their health inspection grades for all to see.

Starting Wednesday, New York City's 24,000 restaurants started posting their letter grades for health inspections. Only grade A's went up right away, because restaurants receiving a B or C will be re-inspected in a month.

It could be over a year before all restaurants post their grade.

The Health Department says the grades will provide customers with important information. However, the New York Restaurant Association insists little things like a dented garbage can, not a big gauge, can unfairly drop an eateries score.

I would assume a health inspector would be a more lenient about the small stuff, now that the results will be out in the open.

Kudos to the restaurants that scored an A, well known places like Sancho's Restaurant in Brooklyn and LG Pizza in the Bronx.

This could send major reverberations throughout the restaurant community. No doubt, people are going to walk past a grade C and look for a grade A. So, I can totally see a bunch of places going out of business or being labeled as dirty. However, it's nobody's fault but the restaurant that scored poorly.