UK-based Hypermach Europe Aeronautics have introduced a new generation of supersonic jet that claims to change the way the world does business..... forever.

SonicStar design, unveiled at the 2011 Paris Airshow, is optimized with a new hybrid engine that claims to have over 30 percent fuel efficiency more than that of the Rolls Royce 593 Engine in Concorde.

The company also claims that the supersonic jet will be able to fly from New York to Sydney in just five hours with no sonic boom overland.

In 2011, we have access to revolutionary engine technology, and a unique, very high speed aircraft design to make this kind of earth-shatteringly fast air travel possible. And we have a date: our plan is to build and fly the world's first very high speed supersonic hybrid aircraft by June, 2021, Richard Lugg, Chairman of Hypermach stated.

The next generation hybrid electric gas turbine engine which has been in development for seven years at SonicBlue is said to have the power generation capability to reduce jet emissions by 100 percent, increase thrust to weight ratio by 20 percent and reduce parts count in core engine components by 40 percent.

Take a look at the revolutionary supersonic jet below: