It may not stick and it's not a certainty, but New York and other I-95 corridor cities could see rare October snow flakes on Saturday -- and it may be a heavy wet snow mess.

Forecasters say New York, Philadelphia, Boston and others along the I-95 corridor could be in line for some wet snow flakes this weekend, even though temperatures will likely be above freezing.

The Weather Channel has placed a notice on Saturday's New York forecast, calling for rain and snow, saying there's the potential for up to 3 inches of snow.

Already, the first system moving through the area was dropping the season's first minor but measurable snow over parts of the Northeast on Thursday -- north of New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. As cold air works in behind a developing low pressure system, rain will be changing to snow over portions of the interior, including New York, Massachusetts and Vermont, with snow falling into Thursday night before ending in New England.

Most of the snow from that system will fall from western Pennsylvania to coastal Maine, with some areas forecast to get 1-3 inches of accumulation. But that first system will bring only rain to New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. Those I-95 cities aren't forecast to get measurable snow and it's still a developing, iffy situation as to whether flakes will fall this weekend or not.

Increasingly, however, a pattern is developing that might allow for some wet snow flakes in New York and other major I-95 cities on Saturday.

In a humid situation, wet snow can mix in with temperatures in the middle 30s. When the air is drier, snow can mix in with a temperature closer to 40 degrees, world weather expert Jim Andrews said, according to

The forecast high for New York on Saturday is 48 degrees, but colder air will be seeping in with winds from the northeast. New York has a 70 percent chance of light rain on Saturday, with a 40 percent chance of showers Saturday night and a low of 34 degrees.

Should the second storm heading to the northeast Friday night and Saturday track more closely to the coast, as forecasters say is possible, then New York, Philadelphia, Boston and other I-95 corridor cities and areas along the coast could see snow flakes Saturday, with inland areas possibly seeing light accumulation.

Odds favor that if indeed the bizarre occurred and it did manage to snow at the Mall in Washington, D.C., Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Midtown Manhattan and the Inner Harbors of Baltimore and Boston, it would have have to snow extremely hard to stick to the roads, writes Alex Sosnowski at Accuweather. And, the odds of it snowing decrease exponentially as you drive southwestward along I-95 in the Northeast in the first place.

October snowflakes are rare in New York City. On October 30, 2000, snow flurries were spotted in Central Park and elsewhwhere in the city, and that was the first time in 21 years October snowflakes had been recorded.