RTTNews - New Zealand's Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson said Wednesday that a Bill, which would speed up the building consents process and reduce costs was to become law after it passed through the Parliament.

The Bill introduces multiple-use building approvals, a measure that would reduce duplication and fast-track the consent process for group home builders, who build homes on sites across the country using the same, or similar designs, Williamson said.

Moreover, the Bill defines a new streamlined process to manage minor variations to building plans after the consent is issued, saving time for applicants and councils. And it makes project information memorandums, known as PIMs, voluntary, the Minister pointed out.

Reducing building delays and costs is an important first step but it doesn't go far enough. Everyone in the sector is going through tough times - homeowners, developers and builders - so there's more to be done.

Preliminary work on a wider review of the Building Act is progressing and I hope to be able to announce further streamlining measures in due course, Williamson added.

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