RTTNews - Tuesday, a survey conducted by the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development showed mixed reactions among New Zealanders regarding the country's recent budget. The survey revealed that while an overwhelming proportion of people support the government's health and home insulation policies, they believe there are not enough new policies to successfully deal with the economic recession.

About 29% of the 2,165 persons surveyed said they were satisfied with the budget, while 25% said they were not. Moreover, 28% of respondents said households would be worse off from the budget, 5% said they would be better, but a majority of 60% believed households would remain the same with the new budget.

Regarding tax cuts, 60% were in favor of the government's move to postpone personal tax cuts. However a good number of persons said that amounted to breaking election promises, with many saying the move would affect their decision to vote at the next election.

Among other indicators, a higher proportion believed unemployment would increase as a result of the budget, while many believed the budget would have no effect on interest rates. Half the respondents believe Budget would preserve the country's credit rating, while opinion was divided among half of the respondents whether the budget would affect economic growth or not.

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