Newport Digital Technologies, Inc., an information communications technology company with U.S. headquarters in Newport Beach, California, offers a diverse menu of LED lighting and signage solutions to fully serve every commercial venue, from healthcare to hospitality, including corporate communications, retail sales, food service, transportation and even government applications.

This diversity makes it possible for the Company’s customers to realize their full communications potential, whether they comprise a simple display or a highly networked file-sharing system of information.

Newport Digital Technologies does all this by virtue of its standing as an authorized LG Electronics (LGE) USA reseller, with access to all that the major Korean company – the second largest in the nation – has to offer in the way of technological expertise, engineering know-how and efficient, effective systems integration.

These LG products offer exhaustive and essential technological solutions in a seamlessly integrated fashion that is calibrated to meet individual needs, whether the entity is a large hospital, a major-name hotel, or a corporation aiming for 21st century internal communication capabilities.

Through Korean leader LG, Newport Digital Technologies has within its reach some of the most cutting-edge digital products and service offerings in the marketplace, all of them functioning in fully intrinsic fashion and capable of being tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

In addition, each business solution is backed and supported not only by LG’s network of representatives, but by Newport Digital Technologies highly skilled internal support staff and host of solutions. This means, among other things, that commercial enterprises can choose from a full range of technologically superior LCD monitors to serve as digital signage, in-room service and entertainment providers, and kiosk-based product placement.

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