Newport Digital Technologies, a California based company specializing in LED lighting and digital signage solutions for a wide range of applications, has staked its future growth on establishing critical partnerships. As an example, Newport Digital has become an authorized LG Electronics (LGE) USA reseller, providing the company access to LGE’s rich technology resources and solutions. The company is focused on selling these solutions to the sports, entertainment, retail, education, government, and hospitality markets. Newport Digital also has a long-standing relationship with Taiwan’s premier technology incubators, III and ITRI, which allows the company to access and develop advanced technologies generated by these two R&D powerhouses.

The ability to successfully identify, initiate, and monetize such global relationships is today considered one of the most important elements for long term growth. NPDT has been able to do this based almost completely on the business savvy of its management team.

• Richard Damion (Chairman, CFO) is the founder of NPDT, and has had over 40 years of experience in the development of numerous companies, including his work as president and CEO of Pacific Snax Corporation.
• Michael Lutton (Vice Chairman) has 30 years of experience with U.S. and Middle East companies, including executive positions at The Irvine Company. He is also a noted speaker and author.
• Donald Danks (CEO) was the CEO of iMergent, Inc., an AMEX listed e-commerce software company, where he oversaw revenue growth from $12 million annually to over $150 million.
• Richard Tanimoto (Sr. Managing Director) acts as the engineering communication link between NPDT and its engineering resource partner in Taiwan, III.
• Robert George, as member of the NPDT board, brings over 40 years of management and marketing experience, including the founding of two companies.

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