When Newport Digital Technologies recently announced that they, along with SASCO Electric, had been chosen by the San Diego Padres baseball club to redesign all audio and digital signage opportunities for San Diego’s popular PETCO Park, it provided a spectacular opportunity for Newport to show what advanced digital technology can do, while effectively opening the door to stadium opportunities across the country.

The goal is to provide the park with the highest quality video, audio, and digital signage capabilities, not only for fans but for potential advertisers. In particular, the Padres organization has stated its commitment to keeping PETCO Park at the cutting edge of visual and audio technology. The SASCO partnership is a critical part of the venture, since SASCO, one of the largest privately held electrical contract companies in the U.S., has done similar projects for the Los Angeles Angels’ Anaheim Stadium as well as for Dodger Stadium.

Newport is also a certified LG reseller, giving it access to some of the world’s most sophisticated digital display technologies, which will certainly be applied to the PETCO Park project. In addition, the company has long-standing technology sharing relationships with two of Taiwan’s most famous technology incubators, the Institute for Information Industry (III) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), representing a pool of 7,900 scientists and engineers, and authorizing Newport to develop and customize III and ITRI advanced technologies for commercial application anywhere in the world.

Newport and SASCO are now involved in Phase II of the PETCO Park project, evaluating the park’s current infrastructure, including structural engineering, power and video systems, and identifying specific update points to prepare for the actual installation of determined audio and signage solutions later in the year.

For more information, see the Newport Digital’s website at www.NewportLG.com

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