Today, Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. announced that it has successfully completed AT&T Network Certification for its rugged handheld N37B computing device. Subsequently, the device will be strategically channeled through to AT&T’s Special Vertical Markets (SVM) with Ingram Micro (NYSE: IM) as its logistics and distribution partner.

“We are excited to have completed AT&T Network Certification for this Mobile Handheld Computer with RFID reader for use on AT&T’s wireless network,” said NPDT CEO Michael Lutton. “NPDT and AT&T’s marketing and business development teams are working to identify business-to-business SVM channel opportunities for the N37B in the supply chain management, retail, military, law enforcement, telecom, industrial process and control, and automotive markets. The N37B rugged handheld mobile computer will be available to our sales channels effective January 2010. We anticipate this unique, RFID-enabled computing device to generate significant revenue for NPDT in calendar 2010.”

“NPDT, in conjunction with leading Taiwan-based R&D technology incubators, the Institute for Information Industry (III) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), is commercializing a number of leading-edge Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies,” added NPDT President, Weiling Tsao. “The first product is the N37B ruggedized handheld RFID reader and computing device that was unveiled at the Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions Association (VICS) conference hosted by the University of Arkansas RFID Research Center. NPDT is a named sponsor of this research center at the Sam Walton College of Business. We believe that this product line is the beginning of and a key ingredient of a total RFID solution for many vertical markets.”

“The N37B will also offer two more complementary integrated options that include 3G connection module and location and location/navigation-based GPS,” commented Richard Tanimoto, NPDT’s Senior Managing Director. “The 3G option will enable the handheld to have data connectivity anywhere an AT&T cellular connection is available, making for a ‘connect anywhere’ scenario for RFID business applications. The GPS option will allow for the N37B to not only collect RFID data from item level inventory but to pinpoint and report the location of the inventory scanned by the RFID reader. This greatly enhances and expands the applications that can be offered from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). NPDT will also work closely with Independent Hardware Vendors (IHV), such as Socket Mobile, and Middleware Software Vendors (MSV), such as Shovon and Workbridge, to enhance the N37B application offerings.”

Mr. Lutton continued, “We are also excited by the response of the RFID industry and channel partners. The N37B, which will run on Microsoft’s Windows CE Mobile Computing Platform, has wide application in RFID market. NPDT will offer this device along with a comprehensive line of mobile computing products and applications solutions targeting RFID field applications for asset tracking, inventory management and point-of-sale for various B2B markets.”

NPDT’s planned RFID product suite includes: Electronic Product Code (EPC) Global certification laboratory testing, ruggedized, military/commercial-grade RFID enabled, mobile handheld tablet computers, POS kiosks, POS Checkout, EAS readers, USB readers and RFID tags. Leveraging the Microsoft Windows CE and XP Mobile operating systems, NPDT will further extend the features and capabilities of its products.

“Newport Digital Technologies has developed truly innovative RFID technologies and we are thrilled to work with them to bring these technologies and applications to the Windows Mobile platform,” stated Daren Mancini, General Manager in the Windows Mobile Sales division at Microsoft.

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