Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. announced this morning that Steve Ruey-Long Chen, the former Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan (MOEA) and former Board Chairman of the Institute for Information Industry (III), has joined its Advisory Board. Providing invaluable insight and guidance, Mr. Chen will help guide NPDT as it continues to implement its business strategies and brings innovative technology driven solutions to market, including RFID, WiMax, Wireless Digital Signage, Security and VoIP products and services. Many of these solutions have been successfully developed and implemented in Taiwan through NPDT’s technology partners, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and (III).

“NDPT is a company with creative and visionary ideas. I am positive that the distinguished leadership, together with excellent marketing expertise will make NDPT a very successful Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company. It is my great pleasure to join NDPT as a member of the Advisory Board. I look forward to working very closely with all my colleagues from NDPT,” stated Steve Chen.

As Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Chen was responsible for a broad range of duties. He oversaw Taiwan’s economic development as a whole, with a portfolio spanning from domestic industrial development to international trade relations, including Taiwan’s active participation in international trade organizations, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Also under his supervision are major state-owned enterprises, such as CPC Corporation (petroleum), Taiwan Power Company (electricity), CSBC Corporation (shipbuilding), Taiwan Sugar Corporation, Taiwan Water Corporation, and Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation, with a total of more than 56,000 employees.

As Deputy Minister, Mr. Chen was instrumental in the signing of Taiwan’s first Free Trade Agreement (FTA), concluded with the Republic of Panama, followed by the signing of FTAs with Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras. In addition, he was appointed as Representative and Chief of Taiwan Mission for the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) mission that was set-up in Geneva, Switzerland and subsequently came to a successful conclusion with the formal accession of Taiwan to the WTO.

After his retirement from the Government, he was invited to be the Board Chairman of III. Currently, he is the Board Chairman of SINOCON Industrial Standards Foundation in Taiwan, promoting the harmonization of ICT industrial standards between China and Taiwan.

“We are pleased to have Steve come aboard and assist us with our business strategy and technology solutions for NPDT. Steve’s vast business and political experience, coupled with a deep understanding of technology makes this a winning combination that will greatly benefit NPDT,” commented Richard Damion, NPDT Chairman.

Weiling Tsao, NPDT President, added, “As the former Board Chairman for III, Steve will offer invaluable assistance in strengthening our relationship with III and ITRI, and subsequently other strategic R&D partners. We look forward to interacting with Steve on many different business and technological levels, harnessing his incredible business skills and technology acumen.

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