Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. is constantly focused on securing innovative and highly marketable new intellectual property via its exclusive partnerships with two of the world’s leading technology incubators based in Taiwan and consisting of some 8k of the planet’s top engineers and scientists:

• The Institute for Information Industry (III) is a global leader in RFID and WiMAX with a proven track record for outstanding design and implementation of large scale information systems, like Taiwan’s massive e-Government project, whose success is rivaled only by the III’s success in developing strategic relationships within Taiwan’s IT industry.

• The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is another technology pioneer with a reputation for advanced manufacturing systems and known widely as a hotbed for discrete areas of operation, such as nanotechnology, engineering advanced materials, chemical science and integrated electronics with a special focus on biomedical applications.

The Company gains co-ownership of all intellectual property developed cooperatively by III and ITRI, in addition to global distribution exclusivity for any related technology or products, making NPDT the recipient of some of the hottest new technology as it comes off the intellectual assembly line and a veritable checkpoint organization guarding the bottleneck between the laboratory and the marketplace – which is also an inestimable position for investment capital.

Hard at work constructing a streamlined network of partners in licensing, sales and distribution, NPDT is also cultivating third-party component and original design manufacturer (ODMs) relationships to create a sophisticated architecture that is able to fully exploit the commercial possibilities of the Company’s key technology position, which unifies innovation with localized logistics to create tightly integrated systems that are custom designed to meet the specific needs of the individual client.

On the cutting edge of emergent technology, and with a strong hand in rapidly growing wireless broadband space, NPDT is well-positioned both as a solutions provider with a rich set of core competencies and as an innovator with access to revolutionary new developments in everything from RFID and digital signage to VoIP and security/surveillance.

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