Newport Digital Technologies Inc. is a leading global digital solutions provider specializing in some of the most quickly emerging technology segments. One of the technology segments that the company is focusing on is Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID.

RFID technologies open up an exciting new world of possibilities for a wide variety of businesses and governments to increase the efficiency of their operations. RFID allows them to securely capture, track and manage their critical data in real-time. The data may range from pallets in a warehouse, to goods in a shopping cart, to data from passports and credit cards and perhaps even from ID cards on students or patients.

A compelling solution for governments to increase the quality and efficiency of their services is also provided by RFID technology. For instance, the security and convenience of citizens can be improved by the use of e-ID initiatives (passports, etc.). RFID is playing an increasingly critical role in enabling governments to increase food safety through better tracking of livestock and agricultural products. Such technologies may also improve the quality of education services and even reduce congestion in major cities through the roll-out of sophisticated ’smart’ transportation management systems.

Of course, RFID technologies can also be used widely in various industrial applications. The technology can play a vital role in reducing the cost of transporting goods across their global supply chain by enabling faster and cheaper means of delivery and more accurate and efficient tracking of assets as they are shipped. Companies can optimize their fleet management, route planning and customer service by increasing the accuracy of deliveries around the globe through RFID technologies.

In manufacturing, RFID enables companies to streamline their production processes. In retail, costs can be reduced by greater visibility of their inventory as it moves across their supply chain. RFID can also provide hands-free identification of the contents in a shopping cart, which allows for instant billing while reducing shoplifting. RFID technology is also used in the healthcare field with applications including patient identification, medical monitoring and managing of medical equipment. In addition, RFID technologies can provide a higher degree of patient safety standards by avoiding errors in the dispensing of drugs.

Newport Digital Technologies is looking to capitalize on all these many varied opportunities in RFID over the months and years to come.

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