Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies are opening up an exciting new world of possibilities for businesses and governments to increase the efficiency of their operations. Introducing innovative new applications and services, RFID allows organizations to securely capture, track and manage their critical assets in real-time. These assets include pallets in a warehouse, goods in a shopping cart, ID tags on students, patients, inmates and even passports, credit cards and other documents.

For the retail industry, RFID not only enables merchants to reduce costs by providing greater visibility of their inventory as it moves across the supply chain into the warehouse and the store, but also provides hands-free identification of the contents in a shopping cart for instant billing and reduced shoplifting.

For the transportation industry, RFID plays a vital role in helping companies reduce the cost of transporting goods by enabling faster and cheaper means of delivery and more accurate and efficient tracking of assets as they are shipped around the world. The technology also helps companies optimize their fleet management and tracking capabilities, enhance their route planning, and improve customer service by increasing the accuracy of on-time deliveries.

For the manufacturing industry, RFID solutions enable companies to transform their operations by streamlining production processes, increasing the utilization and management of assets, minimizing waste and down-time, and reducing labor costs through higher levels of automation.

For the healthcare industry, RFID not only enables innovative applications such as patient identification and medical monitoring, but also provides higher patient safety standards by avoiding errors in dispensing of drugs and management of medical equipments to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

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