Newport Digital Technologies, Inc., a leading digital solutions provider specializing in the three most quickly emerging technology segments – RFID, WiMax, eLearning, and LED Digital Signage/Lighting – recently announced a 3G-ready LED digital signage solution capable of streaming high definition video or audio.

With the ability to use a modular approach for output, the solution will accommodate 50-inch to stadium-size displays and feature a digital content management system which allows the end user to run the entire thing from within a browser on their laptop over AT&T, WiMax, and Wi-Fi networks.

Developing bleeding-edge technology like this is nothing new for NPDT, which enjoys tight-knit cooperation with some of the World’s leading technology incubators like the Taiwan-based Institute for Information Industry (III), and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), long known as technology hotbeds throughout the industry.

CEO of NPDT, Michael Lutton, called the wireless digital signage solution a “significant achievement” for NPDT, citing the key roles played by partners ITRI/III in the successful realization of this product line, which “reflects the company’s ability to continue to bring leading-edge technology to market in a cost-effective manner”, and is now available to the Company’s channel partners like AT&T.

Lutton projected strong revenue generation from the solution well into 2011 and, as Senior Managing Director of NPDT, Richard Tanimoto, was quick to point out, the complete array of wireless features enable the solution to have “video and audio streaming connectivity anywhere there is 3G, Wi-Fi or WiMax”.

It is truly another unprecedented milestone for NPDT, and the rollout of this sophisticated new solution – combined with a global market consisting of a wide variety of potential applications – may translate into substantial returns for the Company’s investors.

Tanimoto also went over the customizable display size’s ability to let the end-user serve a myriad of retail, public, sporting event, business, government or other venues, or anywhere rich digital content can enhance the experience.

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