A company that is starting to become known in the world of technology is Newport Digital Technologies. With headquarters in Newport Beach, California, Newport Digital Technologies (NDT) has made it their mission to provide true value added solutions and products by creating innovative new applications or developing highly integrated systems that make solutions smarter and more unique.

One of the aspects that separates NDT from the competition is their rich portfolio of competencies in Radio-Frequency Identification, Digital Signage, WiMAX, VoIP and Security and Surveillance. With a strong team in place, NDT has the state-of-the-art capabilities to deliver complete solutions for a broad spectrum of applications that are tailored to meet any customer’s needs.

Leading the way at NDT is Richard Damion who serves as the Chairman of the company. It was Damion’s vision which founded NDT after working in the industry for over 40 years. Richard Damion is a famed name in the sector and his leadership has helped NDT reach new heights.

CEO Michael Lutton has had a storied career spanning 30 years operating various companies throughout the United States and the Middle East. Lutton’s management background includes executive positions at The Irvine Company (where he was President of The Office and Industrial Companies), PM Realty Group (where he was Chairman and CEO), and PLC (as Chairman and CEO). Lutton has also gained acclaim as a noted speaker and author.

One of the recent major accomplishments of Damion, Lutton and the entire team at NDT was the signing of a LOI with Orange County Department of Education for the opportunity to participate in the $500 million State and Federal Grant Program for schools and public areas. The purpose of entering this program was to help schools that do not have wireless connectivity. Participation in this program will not only enhanced their name in the business community but also helped youth reach their dreams.

NDT is starting to gain name-recognition through its hard work and community service. A growing giant in their industry, NDT is currently trading in the $0.02 range. With many ventures in their pipeline, recognition for their involvement in the State and Federal Grant Program and leaders such as Richard Damion and Michael Lutton in place, NDT is poised to evolve into a recognized name on Wall Street.

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