Newport Digital Technologies Inc. announced several weeks ago that it had signed a letter of intent with the Orange County, California Department of Education. This agreement will give the company the opportunity to participate in a $500 million state and federal grant program earmarked for schools and public areas that do not have wireless connectivity by the second quarter of 2010.

The company launched the installation of a Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax) base station and long-range subscriber station designed to demonstrate WiMax long-range broadband internet connectivity between Newport’s corporate offices in Newport Beach, California and the Orange County Learning Resources Center in Costa Mesa, California. The five mile WiMax internet connection will demonstrate WiMax’s long range transmission ability and high speed internet connection at 15-40 Mbps.

Newport’s WiMax demonstration system will be reviewed by state and federal grant committees to validate the benefits of the company’s WiMax solution and grant funds for deployment into hard-to-reach areas requiring highly reliable wireless internet access. The demonstration system will also include Newport’s eLearning platform, demonstrating high-speed online eLearning access capabilities.

The company believes that WiMax is the next-generation wireless technology to WiFi. It will allow for up to a 30 mile range for internet connectivity and throughputs to 40 Mbps. Newport Digital Technologies is working in conjunction with leading Taiwan-based research & development technology incubators – the Institute for Information Industry and the Industrial Technology Research Institute – to roll-out this WiMax demonstration system with eLearning application.

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