Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. announced early this morning that they have introduced Secure RFID Protocol compliant reader-writer (RW), inlays, tags, and integrated circuit chips to its N37B RFID product offering. This secure protocol supports data protection and confidentiality of multiple data profiles for business-sensitive data and consumer privacy protection. Hitachi, Ltd., a global technology leader, will provide the Secure RFID Protocol related technology and support the company in developing the product. They will also handle business development and marketing support.

The Secure RFID Protocol, developed by Hitachi based on the ISO 18000-6 type C Standard and EPC C1Gen2 Standard, provides enhanced security functions including communication distance control that restricts the communication range of tags and limits access to multiple memory banks within the tags through password authentication. This protocol accomplishes a high level of security for business-sensitive data and consumer privacy protection.

“NPDT delivers technology-driven solutions to end-users through our strategic alliances with global partners such as Hitachi and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI),” stated Weiling Tsao, NPDT President. “NPDT’s N37B is a culmination of an excellent team effort by our partners, allowing NPDT to bring a unique and viable solution into the marketplace, ultimately providing a strong revenue model for NPDT through our sales channel partner, Ingram Micro and system integrators on a worldwide basis.”

“We are very happy to work with NPDT on this mobile computing RFID enabled solution,” commented Mr. Toshitaka Kawaguchi, Hitachi’s Executive Manager. “The combination of Hitachi’s Secure RFID Protocol and NPDT’s N37B product offering meets the highest security standards and expectations of end-users for RFID applications. With NPDT’s guidance, we believe achieving ISO and EPC Global standards is an important step in the product’s evolution.”

Mr. Paul Chang, ITRI’s Identification and Security Technology Center (ISTC) Manager, said, “Through our strategic alliance with NPDT, ITRI and NPDT co-developed an innovative and value-added RFID device, the Mini Reader Module, which meets the standards set by the Electronic Product Code (EPC). ITRI’s Mini RFID Reader is the first of its kind to be introduced as the smallest RFID module in the world. Our Mini RFID Reader integrates a proven technology in supporting readability of Hitachi’s Security RFID Protocol, taking the N37B to the highest technology standards. We are thrilled to support NPDT and Hitachi in the RFID integration process, meeting the fast growing demand in the marketplace. This technology alliance allows products like the N37B, with the option to bundle Hitachi’s Security RFID Protocol, to take advantage of the enormous market opportunity for applications such as warehousing and logistics.”

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