The Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin and Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis are officially an item.

The twosome walked the red carpet at the Wednesday night premiere of Sorkin's latest project, the new HBO series The Newsroom, USA Today reported.

The two were rumored to be dating for a few weeks already. The Oscar and Emmy-winning writer laid any doubts to rest by holding his lady close and giving her a smooch in full view of the cameras, an Us Weekly photo shows.

E! reported on the rumored romance back in May.

It's been going on for around six weeks, a source told E! They are really happy. They have actually known each other a while through mutual friends and would sometimes bump into one another at industry events, but it has only just turned into something more.

Now before we scream Odd couple alert!, we must realize that Davis and Sorkin have something surprising in common: a history of addiction.

Davis, who played the squeaky clean, prim and proper Charlotte York on SATC, is a recovering alcoholic.

I've never hid it, but I've been sober the whole time I've been famous, so it wasn't like I had to go to rehab publicly, she said in an interview with Health magazine. She added that she turned down many Cosmopolitans sent to her by fans (the drink was a staple on the hit show). Why risk it? she told Health.

Sorkin has had a more public battle with his cocaine addiction. He was arrested at an airport in April of 2001 for possession of illicit mushrooms, according to a CNN report, which stated that the writer had previously sought treatment for his addiction, which reportedly began in the 1980s. In a New York Times Magazine profile later that year, Sorkin admitted that cocaine gave me a real break from a certain nervous tension that I kind of carry with me moment to moment.

He confessed to W magazine in 2010 that the hardest thing he had to do every day was not take cocaine.

If I feel like I might be able to get away with taking drugs, I'll make appointments and find ways to be busy, he told the magazine.

On a lighter note, Sorkin and Davis have another thing in common: They each have a daughter (although Davis is newer at the whole parenting thing). He has a 12-year-old daughter from his first and only marriage, according to E!, and Davis adopted a baby girl domestically last year.

Best wishes to the happy couple!