There was breaking news from “The Newsroom” over the weekend. The HBO series released the synopsis for the premiere episode of the show’s upcoming third and final season on Nov. 9. Among other reveals, the synopsis gave fans the real-world news topic that will be featured in the first episode.

According to the synopsis, Season 3 will pick up in April 2013, when, in addition to dealing with the continued fallout from the Genoa scandal that plagued ACN in Season 2, Will (Jeff Daniels) and company will be confronted with the Boston Marathon bombing. In light of the trouble that the news team got into over Genoa, however, ACN will be conflicted over how to treat the breaking news coming out of the bombing story.

Meanwhile, the synopsis also reveals that Neal (Dev Patel) will make contact in the premiere with an anonymous source who hands over stolen government documents relating to riots going on overseas in Kundu. The documents reveal that false press stories may have been the cause of the riots. A new trailer for the season, however, reveals that Neal’s source might become a problem further into the season. The trailer suggests that the documents Neal receives might be a part of an illegal leak that could thrust ACN into crisis again and leave Neal in prison. Will, though, seems intent on standing behind Neal and protecting him.

Watch the trailer for Season 3 of “The Newsroom” below:

It appears that “The Newsroom” will not waste any time getting back to the action in Season 3. Then again, the show does not have much time to waste. The final season of the show will only have six episodes before it wraps for good. Season 3 of “The Newsroom” begins with the premiere, "Boston," on Nov. 9 on HBO.

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