After submitting 480 articles which have garnered 6,535 useful votes, making 1589 comments, 974 forum posts and after starting 71 threads, the powers that be at the Forex Factory (FF) have decided they don’t want me around anymore. I will however continue to post articles at least twice a week right here on the FX Instructor site.

As you may be aware of, until now anyone has been welcome to post news articles on the FF news page, but that system is apparently changing. Soon, only certain news writers will be allowed to post and the list does not include me. In fact, none of the writers from FX Instructor will be able to post on the FF news page although they of course will continue posting on the FX Instructor site.

I’ll tell you a funny thing that happened though. I first heard about the new system several days ago in an email that was sent to me from the Forex Factory. In that email I was asked to join the group of writers allowed to post. The invitation said in part: “If you are getting this email it means we think you’re one of the best news providers at Forex Factory, and we want you to join.”

I indicated that I wanted to be a part of the new system and received this response: “I am glad to hear you like the direction we are going here, and that you are interested in being part of it!”

Then on Wednesday, I received the following message from FF which said in part: “For the first few weeks we are going to work with a core group of active posters, and will bring you in once we have the procedures established.  This will allow us to coordinate the launch with the fewest number of people.  I will be in touch with you soon when we are ready to bring you in.”

To the uninitiated this may sound innocuous however, I’m very initiated with the workings of FF because in 2007, FF was paying me to write articles (after being brought on board originally by Merlin). Once Merlin “retired,” FF decided they didn’t want to pay, which was fine with me. What I didn’t like about the whole thing was that I received several emails afterwards which made references to being invited back after a certain period (and so forth and so on) which of course never happened.

So, my translation of the last message received from FF is basically as follows:  For the first few weeks we are going to work with a core group of active posters, and during that time you are welcome to take a long walk off a very short pier.

Now, as I said earlier, my intention is to continue posting articles on the FX Instructor website, and at this time I would like to invite you sign up to receive their free newsletter. As always, I will continue to provide you with fresh insight and ideas which hopefully you will find useful for your trading. Each article will be followed by a comment section where you can post your own thoughts and questions that I will respond to as best I can. And as always, I welcome any and all opinions (which frequently differ from my own) because I believe that through active and intelligent conversation we can learn and grow.

The future of the markets and of the global economy is at a very unique point in history and I imagine there will be much to discuss and learn. I welcome you to continue the journey with me, as I intend to contribute to the FX Instructor site for a long time to come.