Nexia Holdings (NXHD.OB), a diversified holdings company, is gearing up for major growth over the next 3 years, with the acquisition of more commercial properties and the opening of 30 additional salons. Since the company currently has only two salons, it represents a significant expansion.

The company’s Utah-based operations target the health, beauty, and fashion markets, as well as real estate. Along with two salons, Nexia owns one retail store, plus an online store, and three commercial properties. Fueled by past success, they now plan to take their idea and go national. Their strategy is conservative, based on a realistic appreciation of the marketplace and competition.

In commercial real estate, they target underperforming properties which, through careful repair and upgrades, are increased in value and cash flow. The company also owns several small undeveloped land parcels in Utah and Kansas.

Their Landis Salon holdings represent a proven investment in the high-end health and beauty market, generating substantial revenues through the offering of exceptional products and customer services. The target market is 70% female, with high expectations but also seeking a reasonable cost. Landis Salons operate under the guidelines set forth by Avedaâ„¢, which is an earth friendly cosmetics company owned by Esteé Lauder. Avedaâ„¢ utilizes organic ingredients in many of their products, and Landis Salons’ foundation is based upon Avedaâ„¢ principles. Nexia plans to grow Landis nationally, with possible franchise opportunities.

Their investment in Black Chandelier, a retail and online presence in the fashion market, focuses on experienced designers and signature styles, offering specialized products with limited distribution to create a unique identity. The consumer base is fashion conscious, covering a wide age spread. The expanding men’s division has a large fan base in the 15-35 age range. As with Landis, there are plans to grow Black Chandelier nationally.

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