Yesterday's trading volume was nearly 500% greater than the 3-month average daily volume, indicating that the company's unique real-estate strategy is captivating investors and generating interest in the investment community. In recent news, Nexia Holdings announced its subsidiary's new real-estate acquisition team has identified seven new properties for acquisition and is performing due diligence on the properties to establish the final purchase numbers. Together, these properties' estimated value is $1.6 million.

Richard Surber, CEO of Nexia Holdings, commented on the news, “These acquisitions would bring our residential property holdings up to a total of 10 properties and I believe that the growth of our portfolio would make future acquisitions easier. The success and future operations of Wasatch Capital Corporation under its new management utilizing our real estate acquisition strategy appear to be on track.”

We recently completed a 6 minute interview featuring Mr. Surber. In the interview, the CEO commented on the business's three areas of operations, exciting new developments, as well as the attractiveness of the current stock price. He also gave his personal insight on the company's future goals.

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