BlackBerry maker RIM is planning to release its new operating system at the start of next year -- but will that be soon enough to resuscitate the struggling smartphone company?

Code-named the "BlackBerry Colt", the smartphone has been partially described in reports such as one from BGR. The Colt will be the first model to utilize the QNX-based "real-time operating system" or RTOS, which is being hailed as RIM's best hope to reverse the stark decline that the once-dominant smartphone maker enjoyed.

BGR cites sources which say that current testing is being done on single-core CPUs, one or two steps behind next-generation 'superphones'. However, the fact that RIM is well into the testing stage means that the device is well on track for a scheduled release. Delays or rushed products at this juncture could be devastating for a company with an already shaky status.

RIM announced their acquisition of QNX in April of 2010, and the first device that featured QNX was the BlackBerry PlayBook, released at the end of September of that year. Beating many competitors with a response to the early market dominance of Apple's phenomenally popular iPad series, the PlayBook nevertheless was regarded as likely being 'rushed to market' with numerous early updates and bug fixes. It has been assumed that the poor sales of the PlayBook were a definite factor in RIM's Q2 2011 decline. Response was generally positive for the QNX-based operating system, however, which may bode well for further devices bearing the software.

The five BlackBerry handsets announced within the last week had been expected by some to include some form of QNX-based software, but all of the models instead sported the BlackBerry 7 OS. As what some termed 'incremental upgrades', the Bold and Torch models on display failed to reassure fans or analysts that RIM was moving fast enough to counter the effect of its decline.

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