Today, Next One Interactive Inc. took the opportunity to announce updates in its business strategy. Next One interactive Inc. operates as a multi-platform Media Company created through the merging of Extraordinary Vacation’s travel businesses, Home Preview Channel’s real estate businesses and Resort and Residence TV Network. These combined assets have been molded into an innovative new media model that will launch this fall as the Resort and Residence Channel. The Next One model has its roots in a new media revenue structure comprised of advertising, sponsorships, commissions and referral fees drawn from its traditional real estate and travel operations, something few companies can do.

Resort and Residence TV will offer web, radio, mobile and print media platforms. The new business strategy will enable consumers to be entertained and while searching in the travel and real estate arenas. The programming, centered on two of the largest consumer passion categories (real estate and travel), gives advertisers the unprecedented ability to reach a hyper-targeted audience through a measurable and engaging medium. This “on demand” approach delivers significant benefits for both consumers and advertisers. The new media model leverages media platforms, generating multiple streams of revenue while also promoting the growth of its travel and real estate operations.

The company’s new network will employ interactive applications and video on demand, and is projected to reach over 25 million households during its Q4 initial phase. The full time network will launch with pre-sales commitments of advertising and sponsorship packages totaling over $500,000. This amount does not include the additional revenue from referral and commission fees.

The network has the rights to over 15 programming series that focus on two-verticals-real estate and vacation travel. The company is currently finalizing agreements with travel and hospitality businesses in order to complete its multi-tiered revenue platforms.

“Next One’s executive team believes the revenue from this transactional on-demand model will be significant and can be replicated. We will begin to seek out other content verticals as well as global distribution opportunities,” stated Bill Kerby, Vice Chairman and CEO of Next One Interactive Inc.