NF Energy, – by bringing together energy-saving engineering proficiencies and comprehensive Energy Management Contract-focused energy efficiency upgrade projects, has quickly become one of the top China-based solution providers to the global integrated energy conservation market.

Today, NFEC, which is vested in award-winning flow control equipment and wind power components, announced continued success on the signing of a technical services and equipment contract with PT. Multinas Indonesia.

The Company is currently buzzing with activity in preparation for developing the ideal energy-saving cooling, drying and associated equipment solution for PT. Multinas, based on the contract, which Company officials project will provide $290k (US GAAP) in revenue, half from services and half from equipment sales.

NFEC’s sophisticated technical consultancy services will be utilized to assist PT. Multinas in analyzing renovation options for the production line, with a mind to cutting energy costs by up to 20%. NFEC will also provide energy audits and diagnostic testing, and examine the feasibility of using vibration technology in the sugar processing infrastructure to further cut energy use.

CEO of NFEC, Mr. Gang Li, cited the agreement as constituting a major new geographic foothold which creates a more diverse revenue pool for driving shareholder returns, and noted the particularly high energy-intensity of sugar manufacturing alongside NFEC’s reputation for delivering energy-efficient products and solutions.

Mr. Gang Li pointed to operational cost benefits, significantly reduced environmental pollution, and improvement of the overall position within the sugar processing market as benefits for PT. Multinas as a result of the agreement. In addition, the relationship will help PT. Multinas, a trading company/engineering services provider to Indonesia’s sugar, petrochemical and fertilizer sectors, gain a competitive edge.