Ever wonder what NFL players really say to each other on the field? They may not be accurate, but the folks over at Bad Lip Reading have compiled clips of exchanges with their hilarious interpretations of the conversations in a YouTube video that has gone viral since it was uploaded on Tuesday.

The video, which you can view above, has amassed more than seven million YouTube views since “The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading” was posted to the video sharing website.

Among the NFL players and coaches spoofed in the parody include New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh.

In one exchange, 49ers offensive lineman Joe Staley is probably speaking to San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick about a previous play. But according to the Bad Lip Reading version, the two are talking about something more sinister.

“Help me burn that old man,” Staley says, according to the Bad Lip Reading clip.

“I can’t,” Kaepernick responds.

“Yes, you can. Let’s freakin’ burn that guy. Hit him in the eyeball. Don’t offend me,” Staley counters.

The Bad Lip Reading includes nonsensical quotes, although the words match up to the players’ and coaches’ lip movements.

In a post-game interview with Pamela Oliver of Fox Sports, Peterson is asked, “How you feething?”

“Egg roll. Wish I had a breeze running down my leg,” the running back answers. “I’d kill for a cookie. Stingray a double-sided Scooby Snack. Yeah, we pick our hotel.”

A referee announcing a penalty is instead asking, “Can I have this sloth?” according to Bad Lip Reading’s video.

In another shot, Harbaugh is arguing with referees. But Bad Lip Reading’s video insists the coach is complaining over cake.

“I want it now!” he shouts. “I want cake now! I want it now!”

In the Bad Lip Reading’s version of Brady calling an audible, the quarterback instead informs his offense, “I found Fido, you guys.”

In a post-game exchange between Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, Birk suggests the two get together after the game.

“Hey, I’d love to get you a Mai Tai,” Birk tells Dalton. “Come on, I’ll make it myself. Is that a bother?”