If the City of Los Angeles is to believe Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, it could have as many as two NFL teams in the near future.

With the Cowboys stationed roughly 60 miles west of L.A. in Oxnard, Calif. for training camp, Jones spoke to reporters and the NFL Network about how close the second largest market in the U.S. is to getting their first NFL team since 1994.

"I feel more imminent about a team being in here, that it's more imminent than any time since we haven't had a team in Los Angeles," Jones said last week as reported by NFL.com. "And yes, this market is a huge market, it's a little bit of a black eye for all of us to have had this many years and not had an NFL team in Los Angeles.

"The owners don't mess much up ... but we haven't gotten this one right," Jones said. "There's people, there's locations, there are people that are interested, a lot of people that can help us put this thing together. And as it turns out that we have at least two teams ... that could move to this area."

Furthermore, Jones, who has owned the Cowboys since 1989, said expansion was not an option, so a current team would have to relocate to Los Angeles. It’s also important to note the 70-year-old Jones is originally from L.A.

A solid point regarding candidates up for relocation came from Yahoo! Sports, which wrote that the three most likely teams to relocate have already played home games in L.A: the St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders, and San Diego Chargers.

The Rams played in Los Angeles from 1946 to 1994, and are currently having difficulties obtaining state funding for renovations to Edward Jones Stadium. Similar to St. Louis, the Raiders are trying to build a new stadium in tandem with the City of Oakland, but will have trouble attaining $300 million in public funds, according to Yahoo!.

San Diego can opt out of their lease at Qualcomm Stadium after the 2020 season, and also face an uphill battle for a new stadium.

The team that’s been rumored for relocation more than any other is the Jacksonville Jaguars. However it’s unclear if a move is imminent. New Jaguars owner Shad Khan appears to be building a sports empire after he agreed to purchase English Premier League club Fulham earlier this month, and earned praise for his innovative ways of connecting with Jacksonville fans last season in an interview with CBS television magazine program “60 Minutes.”