Holly Frazier will kick off next week’s “Dance Moms” elated after Abby Lee Miller announces the minis will be taking a backseat for the week, but her mood quickly sours. Despite not competing during the weekly competition, the mini team drama will continue, resulting in Holly threatening to walk.

Lifetime’s preview for Season 6, episode 28 shows Abby making the announcement about the minis and Holly applauding in response. Her happiness fades later in the promo for “Abby, You’re Fired” when she reveals to the cameras she’s had enough of the “tension” among the mini team mothers.

A scene from the dressing room shows Holly calling one of the mini moms “ignorant” before storming out. “I’m not staying here,” she says. “The last OG will be gone!” Holly’s daughter Nia Sioux is shown looking confused and continues to stand by her teammates during the exchange, but could the mother-daughter duo actually be on their way out?

While there’s no denying Nia’s star is on the rise, fans can be rest assured Holly and Nia are not going anywhere anytime soon. Not only was Nia pictured onstage performing with the rest of the elites during episode 28’s competition in May, she was also spotted competing at several other Season 6 episodes in the following weeks. Nia last competed with the ALDC elites during an appearance at Dream National Dance Competition on Saturday.

This is far from the first time the Frazier-Sioux family has sparked rumors they’re planning to part ways with the ALDC. The original stars were last speculated to be leaving in Season 5 when the synopsis for episode 6 stated they were “fearful of their futures with the ALDC” after Holly’s fight with Abby about the direction of Nia’s music career. If Holly and Nia did ever decide to leave, Abby’s elite team would no longer contain any original cast members.