Nick Cannon is suing business manager Michael Kane over the sale of the Bel-Air mansion he once shared with singer Mariah Carey. The home is said to have been on the market for nearly a year. According to TMZ, the 34-year-old TV mogul claims he was unaware of the sale until after the fact.

Cannon reportedly believes Kane was working closely with his former wife's team but left him in the dark. The "America's Got Talent" host claims he never authorized the $9 million deal, though it's not so much the sale of the home that bothers him. Reports said Cannon feels he deserves the bulk of the money from the sale and wants the funds frozen until it is determined just how much he'll be getting. Kane is calling the suit “frivolous,” dismissing it as “a desperate act from a sadly desperate man.”

Rumors of marital issues between Cannon and Carey began circulating in January 2014, though neither bothered to address them. The couple, who were married in 2008, announced their separation last May after being spotted out and about without their wedding bands. By August, they had filed for divorce. Throughout the entirety of their split, Cannon and his Grammy award-winning ex have made it clear their main focus is their young children, twins Monroe and Morocco.

To keep them out of the public eye during their divorce, Cannon packed up and moved his kids to Saddle River, New Jersey, TMZ reported. His new $3 million bachelor digs includes two acres of land on which his kids could run without being bothered by paparazzi as well as plenty of indoor space for each of them.

“I got a cool situation [in] my house. They have their own rooms; they're picking out their stuff. ... They have all this individuality and they have their own space,” Cannon told Extra. “My daughter wants to go to her room and read books by herself. It's like, OK, that's impressive. I'll let you have some quiet time.”

Neither Cannon nor his ex have commented on the impending lawsuit.