Nick Santino, an actor who is known for his appearance on soap operas like All My Children, completed suicide last week, after putting down his pet dog, Rocco.

The New York Post reported that Santino was forced to euthanize Rocco, a 5-year-old pit bull, on Tuesday - his 47th birthday - and was found dead on Wednesday from what appears to be a pill overdose. Santino adopted Rocco from a shelter several years ago.

The Post reported that Santino put Rocco down because he felt pressure from his building's condo board, which is applying strict rules regarding dog ownership.

According to reports, the ban didn't apply to pit bulls already in the building. It was reported Santino was receiving complaints and was harassed by the building's management.

The condo board told the Post that it is sorry the actor is dead but that  it has nothing to do with the pet policy.

Here are eight interesting fact about Santino as reported on IMDb:

- He was born in Brooklyn, New York.

- At 5 months old he was put in St. Joseph's orphanage home and bounced around several foster homes for the next 16 years.

- Before acting, he held several neighborhood businesses as well jobs in construction and garbage hauling.

- He put himself through college and earned an Engineering Degree then an MBA in Finance.

- He did a two-year program at American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

- He was cast for an off Broadway version of Frankie and Johnny and then Fool for Love.

- He was cast as Officer Anton in All My Children.

- He was a part of the first team to lead search and rescue on World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. He reportedly used his ConEdison Engineering ID & Asbestos Certification to get access.