Nicki Minaj’s concerts have been show stoppers, but none could be as shocking as her performance in San Francisco. This time the fans took center stage as the show came to an abrupt halt after several fights broke out and Minaj had to step in to help a concert-goer, who got maced.

Minaj’s Friday performance at the Concord Pavilion for the Bay area leg of her “Pinkprint” tour ended with a brawl. According to Entertainment Tonight (ET), the venue was fully packed, which caused a number of fights to break out towards the end of the “Anaconda” singer’s concert. In a cellphone video shared by a fan on Twitter, the clip showed the singer visibly upset as she yelled “stop, stop, stop” while on stage. Minaj even called a female fan, who was maced on stage and asked if anyone had water in order to help the injured girl. 

Another fan, who witnessed the incident, also took to Twitter to share his experience, Music Times reported. Twitter user “Patrick @pmbenson33” wrote, “Omg Nicki stopped the show cuz like 15 fights broke out and b-----s got maced.... S--- was crazy. She told the hurt people to come onstage.” He also metioned that the “Bay area was fighting the whole show.”  The Twitter fan even wrote that his legs got pinned and described that “chairs were thrown” during the incident.          

Meanwhile, the Concord Police Department told ET that several fans at the concert were given medical attention on-site after the pepper spray incident. Lieutenant Tim Runyon said in a statement that aside from these unfortunate incidents, “the concert, and vast majority of the crowd, were not affected.”

The case is still under investigation, although a 22-year old man from Antioch, California was arrested after assaulting a Concord Pavilion security. The man was also treated at a local hospital for injuries sustained during the concert.

Minaj has yet to comment on the concert fight, aside from an Instagram post, where she described the crowd as “more than turnT...”  She added, “'Let's just say that.' Lol. Can't wait to see u guys again.”