“Anaconda” rapper Nicki Minaj put Dr. Michael Salzhauer in his place after he "insinuated" he worked on her body. The plastic surgeon is better known as Dr. Miami and posts most of his surgeries to Snapchat. In an update Monday, he shared Minaj’s supposed signature, which reportedly made some fans think he helped create her famous frame.

Naturally, Minaj was not pleased to hear this and took to social media to put the doctor in his place. “Did u put a pic of me on ur snap chat Monday? Some1 took a screenshot. What were u insinuating? I'm unfamiliar w/what u do. @TheRealDrMiami,” she wrote Friday.

After a fan informed her people would assume he operated on her because he posted her signature on Snapchat, she said: “Ppl stoop to the lowest lows for social media. Yikes. For the record, I'm unfamiliar w/him, his office, location.”

Minaj didn't stop there. “Don't use an autograph to insinuate u did work 2a celeb," she tweeted. "Whether that autograph was real or not. Social media shldnt do this to us man. Lol”

Dr. Miami didn’t mind the attention. When one Twitter user pointed out the Twitter feud would help get him notoriety, he mentioned that he is already booked into 2017.

Minaj didn’t worry about the plastic surgery accusations for long because she had some exciting news to shared. “I am honored and excited to announce that I've literally hand picked the main characters of my scripted series ‘Nicki,’” she wrote on Instagram on Friday. The comedy will air on ABC Family, which is changing its name to Freeform in the New Year. “I've been going to the auditions falling in love with some incredible people. Looking forward to unveiling this groundbreaking new show for you guys in 2016,” she finished the post.

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