Just when people thought that the so-called Twitter feud between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift was over, the “Anaconda” singer took to social media again. This time, Minaj is out to set the record straight once and for all.

Minaj took to Instagram on Wednesday to clarify what her previous tweets were all about, E!News reported. The “Super Bass” singer wrote that it had "nothing to do with any of the women.” Minaj explained that her tweets were about a “system that doesn't credit black women for their contributions to pop culture as freely/quickly as they reward others." Minaj added, "We are huge trendsetters, not second-class citizens that get thrown crumbs."

The singer also explained that her lengthy Instagram post is not a result of “anger” but rather meant to provide information. Minaj also included a snapshot of an article from Marie Claire regarding the subject: “The Truth About Racism in the Music Industry." Minaj ended her post by conveying her love to MTV, as well as thanking her fans for their support and the three nominations.

Minaj’s tweets were tackling a much deeper issue, a point that some people missed. Some other artists jumped on the Twitter rant bandwagon, such as Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, who did a fake Twitter feud, reported U.K.’s Telegraph. The two shared a series of funny posts Wednesday wherein they jokingly ridiculed each other. At one point, Mars responded to Sheeran:  "That Cut deep… U always know how to sheer me to the core. I can't believe we're Sheeran this in public. How dare u!"

Fortunately the Twitter ruckus did not drive a wedge between Minaj and Swift. Both artists seemed cool with each other, with Minaj posting a tweet clarifying that nothing she said “had to do with Taylor.” Meanwhile, the “Bad Blood” singer responded with a gracious invite telling the “Anaconda” singer to “come up” on stage should Swift win.