Pop singer Nicki Minaj's fight with her maid resulted in police officials being summoned to Minaj's residence.

An exclusive TMZ report stated that two weeks ago, the maid picked up a photograph of the singer from the trash and asked for an autograph; the singer apparently got angry with her maid and fired her.

According to the police, the maid returned on Saturday, which further enraged Minaj, who ordered her to leave. The maid, however, did not leave immediately but instead asked that she not be treated like an animal. According to the report, at that point, Minaj said: I'll show you how to treat someone like an animal ... get the f**k out of my house!

The report further said that Minaj's boyfriend joined the fight and started pushing the staff member. Witnesses then called the police and filed a battery report over the incident.

Initially, the maid requested the police to make a citizen's arrest. However, she later decided against pursuing the matter and no arrests have been made.