Nicole Murphy was so suspicious of Michael Strahan cheating on her that she went to his hotel room and caused havoc, a report claims. While the two have looked like a picture-perfect couple since they started dating in 2007, a source tells People they "have been having problems for two years and have been 'off and on' throughout."

Back in January, Murphy, 46, went to the famous Beverly Wilshire Hotel after finding out that Strahan was staying there -- with another woman, she suspected. After showing up around midnight unannounced, TMZ reports, Murphy caused a scene, yelling in the hallway. “I know you’re in here,” she yelled, also saying loudly, “It’s Michael from ‘Kelly and Michael’ in here.” The commotion woke up several guests, and after going on a rant for 20 minutes, Murphy was told by hotel security to leave the premises. It remains unclear if Strahan was actually at the hotel with another woman.

Last week, the retired NFL player’s rep told People, “They love each other very much, but with the distance and work schedule, it has been hard to maintain the relationship.”

Murphy first opened up about her relationship with the 42-year-old athlete in 2008, saying: “When I got divorced, I said never again. But Michael and I talk about everything, and we both love to travel, explore and laugh.”

"I have a great relationship and she's a great girl," Strahan, who has four children from previous relationships, told People in 2009. "I don't like to talk much about my private life, but I'm really happy.” But over time, Strahan’s increasing work commitments allegedly took a toll.

In addition to a new gig as a co-host on ABC's "Good Morning, America," Strahan has been working on “Live! With Kelly and Michael” for almost two years, and he flies to Los Angeles on weekends to co-anchor "Fox NFL Sunday" before taking a red-eye flight back to New York. In addition to his jobs, Strahan does two workouts every day, including one at 4:30 a.m.

If the rumors are true, it seems that on top of his work commitments, Strahan was also looking for fun outside of his relationship with Murphy.