Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan admitted on Monday that his government needs to come up with new tactics for stopping Boko Haram, the rebel group responsible for three weeks of church bombings, as well as scores of other terrorist attacks and thousands of death over the past two years.

In the past, Jonathan has used his Joint Task Force of police and army soldiers to fight the rebel sect, which stormed a prison and freed 40 inmates in the northern Yobe state on Sunday. These unnamed new tactics could include a dialogue between the government and Boko Haram, however on Sunday Jonathan again said that he would not talk to the insurgents unless they came forward with a list of specific demands

Boko Haram says its goal is to turn Nigeria into an Islamic state, but Jonathan believes that like terrorists all over the world, the sect's main agenda is to destabilize the government.

Attacking churches is to instigate religious crisis, Jonathan said on Monday. They believe that when they attack a church, Christian youths will revolt against Muslim youths. They don't care about who dies in the process. If it doesn't work, the same Boko Haram will start attacking mosques to instigate Muslim youths to attack Christians. So they change their tactics.