Twilight actress Nikki Reed may be conjuring up Twitter drama with her co-stars once again. The 23-year-old actress allegedly tweeted about the vampire sensation stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at Coachella, according to E! Online.

Met a girl at #Coachella who asked me to give a letter to Rob. Um, I will if his bodyguards let me, the tweet read.

This may not seem too significant, but it's the backstory that leaves fans wondering what the happily married actress, who tied the knot with American Idol contestant Paul McDonald, could have meant. In November Reed dished details to Seventeen magazine about the interactions among co-stars of the vampire romantic drama franchise.

In the beginning, it was innocent and fun, she told the publication. And we were like one big happy family -- it was like being at sleepaway camp. And then success comes along and it changes the dynamic.

But success might not have been as kind to Reed as it was to the rest of the Twilight cast. E! Online also reported that she was cut from almost all of New Moon, and coincidentally released a single with her husband on the same day as the Breaking Dawn premiere.

We're not all best friends, she added. And we're not all going to hang out together after the final movie is done.

A picture of a tweet that appeared to be from Reed's account also surfaced recently, but the star set the record straight on the social media service.

I never tweeted that guys, she posted April 24. Go to my twitter and whosay page to see my tweets. Anyone can write a tweet with my Twitter handle.

Reed is also still struggling to subdue speculations about a previous romantic involvement with Pattinson himself, which began to circulate in 2009. E! Online confirmed with Twilight sources that the two were, in fact, doing nothing more than just having fun.

No dating, no commitments, nothing like that at all, E! Online wrote. Just typical, twentysomething fun. With the best benefits.

Reed followed up on the drama by clearing the air via Twitter.

I never write nasty things about people, the actress posted in response to the alleged tweet. Especially not my friends or coworkers. That was clearly Photoshopped. Let's get it together and stop getting excited over negativity. Lets focus on the good and start spreading positive messages.