Is there still hope for “Vampire Diaries” couple Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder? News outlets reported that the on-screen and off-screen duo split in early May, but Somerhalder recently made a comment that leaves their relationship up in the air. is reporting that while Ian Somerhalder was at BloodyNightCon in Brussels a couple weeks ago, he teased that he wasn’t single. The interesting comment came up during a question about the actors' real-life Doppelganger, of which Somerhalder has his own in actor Jamie Christlow.

Somerhalder reportedly said: “That was crazy. I used to just want to go up and hug him … And Jaime and I looked at each other and said, ‘Dude, if we were single, we could do some damage.’ Two brothers? Twins?”

So, did Ian Somerhalder just hint that he was still with Nina Dobrev? While neither rep for the actors has released an official statement on their breakup, Somerhalder’s comment sounds more like he was referencing the past.

Dobrev and Somerhalder have been busy post- filming season four of “The Vampire Diaries.” The former couple briefly reunited in mid-May when they attended the CW Upfronts in New York City. Witnesses at the event reported that the duo “kept it professional and seemed to put everything aside to show up and work.”

Since then the pair have kept their distance. Last week Dobrev was in New York City for a friend’s wedding, while Somerhalder was in Paris working on a new movie.

Sources close to the couple claim that when Somerhalder and Dobrev do reunite again to begin filming season five of “The Vampire Diaries” it won’t be on bad terms. “They will continue to work together and remain best friends, which is where the relationship started,” the insider explained to Us Weekly.

The breakup reportedly occurred because of commitment issues. “He was starting to talk marriage and she is just getting started on her career,” a source told Life & Style. “She loves him, and they still talk every day, but she is not ready to make that huge commitment yet. Maybe in 10 years.”