Nina Dobrev is ending 2015 with a bang … and maybe a band aid. According to reports, the former “Vampire Diaries” star found herself celebrating Christmas from inside a hospital room after the 26-year-old actress injured herself.

“It’s not a holiday/vacation unless Nina makes a trip to the hospital!” Julianne Hough, Dobrev’s long-time friend, quipped in an Instagram post. The pictured showed the two best friends sporting pouty faces as they snapped a selfie in front of the Pediatric/Adult Urgent Care unit of the hospital. 

Although the “Dancing With the Stars” judge, 27, didn't reveal what injury Dobrev sustained over the holiday break, she did note that that her friend was initially reluctant to pay her doctor a visit – that is, until someone stepped in. “Good thing mom is always here to MAKE her go! #ohnina #loveyou #clutz,” Hough wrote, unveiling the person who pushed Dobrev to make an appointment with her physician.

Perhaps the reason Dobrev was hesitant to rush to the hospital was because, like Hough’s caption pointed out, she’s no stranger to getting bumps and bruises. During Dobrev’s stint on the hit CW series, the actress experienced her fair share of accidents – one being a severe hit to the head.

In 2011, the Canadian beauty revealed in a tweet that she was suffering from a concussion after hitting her head on the set of “The Vampire Dairies” in Atlanta. A source told the Hollywood Reporter that the actress was sent to a hospital, where she received treatment, and was released the same day.

Fans also witnessed Dobrev’s clumsy tendencies when the CW released a side-splitting blooper reel from the vampire drama, which featured a few gaffes caused by the brown-haired star. In one scene, Dobrev accidentally trips in her giant gown in front of her co-stars Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. In another, she accidentally knocks over a prop statue.

Here’s hoping 2016 is a much safer year for Nina!