As she amazes you with the choices she makes. From the colours of her dresses, the size of her ribbons, to how she carefully knots her hair, the little girl beside you is now transforming before your very eyes.

As much as you want to delay it further, you know that the young lady beside you, who might be your daughter, sister or niece is simply coming on her own as time flies.

Give her the new Nina Fantasy by Nina Ricci Perfume that matches a young lady's sweet, creative but frivolous ways. Not too strong and sensual as the other perfumes in the market.

With the delicate fruity-floral scent of Nina Fantasy by Nina Ricci Perfume, she remains the sweet, but playful girl, who radiates and delights with her imaginative ways.

The fragrance connoisseurs of Nina Ricci Perfumes mixed the juicy aroma of tangerine, bergamot, and pear. Yet, they have distinctively balanced the delicate scents of the cherry blossoms, rose, heliotrope, mate and brown sugar that vividly captivate the scents of spring in the elegant bottle.

Delight her with the new Nina Fantasy by Nina Ricci. Her first perfume because she is now a sophisticated young lady, elegantly blossoming, full of life!